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Websites are built by Oakland Technical High School Students who are mentored by Silicon Valley professionals.
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Your Design

What is a design? A design is the layout and style of your website. With the addition of colors to match your logo, your text and images, the design becomes your unique statement on the web.

The $124 package comes with the following design:

We offer a variety of additional designs. You can always upgrade your design during your set up process.

Your Pages/Features

What are features/pages? Features/Pages are sections of your website.
The $124 package includes two(2) pages/features:

1. A Home Page which is the first page your visitors will see when you go to any website.
2. A Contact Form which allows your visitors to send you a note from your website.

We offer a variety of additional features/pages. You can always add features/pages during your set up process.

Your website cost $124 to set up and $35 per month. Your monthly fee includes hosting(a home for your website), 1 email account and 15 minutes of website updates each month.
After you fill out the form below and click Proceed to Pay, we will be in contact within 1 business day to gather your text and images to start building your website.

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